Tuesday, 4 October 2011

oct, 4th - swimming....

[pic of Limi courtesy of Little Dippers Photography]

day 581:

if there is one thing that you should persevere with as a parent then I think that it's swimming lessons....well also singing, dancing and reading.....and i guess, eating vegetables and potty training (probably not a good idea to give up on either of those two)......but swimming is such an easy one to give up on.....especially in the cold, blustery, Winter months in London. although, I do need to caveat that by saying that it's now Jae (Limi's nanny) who tackles the cold and wet on a weekly basis.

[pic of Limi courtesy of Little Dippers Photography]

but between the three of us, I'm so glad that we have persevered every week since she was 4 months old. not only because Limi is now obsessed with water and swimming (and who can deny someone 30 minutes a week of such unadulterated glee) but also because I am astounded by how comfortable she is in the water. instead of clinging to us, it's more a case of us clinging to her to stop her from swimming off.

[pic of Limi courtesy of Little Dippers Photography]

years ago, I did an underwater shoot at a baby swimming school in Cape Town and having seen beneath the surface just how comfortable these babies were in the water, I was sure that it was the most natural thing to learn to swim from as young as possible. i am so happy that water for Limi is something wonderful and safe rather than foreign and scary. and also incredibly grateful to Jae for obviously making it such a fun lesson.

[pic of Limi and Jae courtesy of Little Dippers Photography]

this blog is very rarely used for preaching....but people, swimming....seriously.......as important as carrots....in my opinion.

[pic of Limi courtesy of Little Dippers Photography]


  1. Dee, I am obsessed with these photos! How incredible - Limi looks so alive and free...and BIG!

    We're loving our swimming over here, too. And I agree with it being so very important! x

    P.S - I am loving the new look!

  2. Beautiful - she looks right at home!

  3. hello beautiful little mergirl. splish splash in the big blue looks amazing! i too have been a photographed mermaid...ask your clever mother about that one day. nothing like a deep winter shoot in an unheated pool in Observatory. kisses to you precious girl.
    Your godmother

  4. Oh Dee, I love these, Limi looks like a little redhead ... and the one of her and Jae, they look to have such a beautiful bond .... so precious, and I'm with you on swimming,definitely as important as "carrots" !!!

  5. This is so cool and super adorable!!! I agree on the swimming front and I believe it is best when they are a baby...and they lean so quickly just naturally at that time! Loving you blog!

    Liesl :)


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