Sunday, 27 October 2013

oct, 27th - portugal: the beaches.....

day 1355 / 454:

i might feel differently if i visited Portugal in high season......but i loved the beaches in our area......they were wide and sandy (not always the case in Europe) and all seemed to have wonderful restaurants right on the sand......

on our very first, full day in Portugal, we went to the beach in the afternoon and then just wandered up the wooden walkway to sit on couches and beanbags, on the sand, for drinks and snacks....

such a great way to start a holiday with friends....


  1. The beaches are pretty amazing, just wish the water wasn't freezing on the that side of the country, a lot warmer in the Algarve. You all look so relaxed.

  2. How beautiful you are all !!!

  3. hi! welcome to portugal :)
    lu x.


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