Wednesday, 31 August 2011

aug, 31st - vintage fair....

day 561:

looking forward to visiting this fair again. on my last visit i picked up this antique lace collar. i attached it to one of Limi's existing tops with another vintage collar (that a friend gave me) on top.

i also fell in love with a battered tophat....wonder if it's still there. it made me think of white rabbits and pocket watches.

also keen to try the bi-monthly Sunbury Antiques Market at Kempton Racecourse. looks like it could deliver some serious gems.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

aug, 30th - cones and crumbs....

day 560:

when we eventually do decide to leave this island, i will miss all the walking that you do on a daily basis and the amazing London parks.

with my sister and niece in town we made the most of our park time over the weekend, enjoying a carnival (not THE carnival) in a local park and then going for a long walk in Kensington Gardens. 

of course Limi wanted to do everything that her cousin did....even if it was eating ice-cream in wintery conditions (already!) and feeding birds that made her close her eyes in fright.

hope you had a splendid weekend. x

Monday, 29 August 2011

aug, 29th - provence: lunch in st remy....

day 559:

our last weekend in Provence was all about wedding festivities. i got that wonderful tingly feeling when everyone starts to descend on a place to begin celebrating with the bride and groom. 

Limi was in awe of being with her cousins again and all the older kids.

Friday, 26 August 2011

aug, 26th - weekend....

day 556:

a rainy start to a long weekend in London. hope yours is a good one.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

aug, 24th - provence: finding your spot....

day 555:

in every new place we look out for the area that we can relate to most.....this can be based on whether it's for eating, sleeping or playing. in London, we may live West due to logistics but the East is where we feel most at home, the unique shops, industrial architecture and fantastic restaurants run by people who are passionate about food.

in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, we found this sweet square and felt right at home.....

with its' sweet cafe and trees. 

love the bag installation.

and it was the perfect spot for a rasberry sorbet.

and some splashing.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

aug, 23rd - tracey emin....

day 554:

we went to see this exhibit a few weeks ago. i've always been a bit of a tracey emin fan but this show convinced me that i am a HUGE fan....

in fact, i don't think that Emin's work should ever be shown in isolation. when you see it all together, it works beautifully. the intricacy and intimacy of her needlepoint, sketches, neon signs, installations and movies all weave together to produce something raw yet completely captivating. 

the exhibition is on until Monday at the Hayward Gallery. 

definitely worth seeing.

plus, i haven't been down to the Southbank in ages and wow, it's looking fantastic. it has a complete English seaside (think a trendy and creative Margate) vibe going on. 

and we definitely need to bring Limi back to this fountain.

Monday, 22 August 2011

aug, 22nd - fever and fish....

day 553:

first hospital run with Limi last night....well in fact we called the doctor and he made an appointment for us in the emergency ward (who knew that you could even do that). she's had a temperature since Saturday and we've managed to keep it under control with damp muslins and medicine but it rocketed again last night. given that she's had it for three days our out-of-hours service suggested that we take her in to get checked out. by the time we left the house, late last night, the temp had come right down again and she actually squealed with delight at the unusual outing. she sang all the way to the hospital and showed baby the bright lights of Chelsea out the window (we were headed to Chelsea & Westminster). once there, she was stunned that she was allowed to watch t.v. (Shrek) and then delighted by the doctor's attention. she lifted up her shirt for the stethescope and helpfully pointed out her boop boop (belly button), presented each ear for inspection holding her head extra still and then opened her mouth wide for the doctor to check her throat. whilst he tried to explain to us that she does have a virus and fluid behind her ears she chatted away, explaining all the inspected body parts to him again. seriously, she could have tried to look a little more unwell given that she's kept me awake for almost 48 hours. he actually said: 'you're far too happy for someone who's sick' :)  

the night was still a bit unsettled....but she seems to be putting up a good fight against this virus. 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

aug, 21st - provence: le bistro du paradou....

day 552:

although it's obvious that i could go on and on and on about Provence, i promise that i will draw a line under this trip and move us back to London this week....but before i do....i just need to tell you about this amazing rasberry sorbet,  incredible time with family, a wedding festival that definitely can't be glossed over and this wonderful cheese board/ rattan-tray above.......

in researching for the trip i turned to local blogs this time......they led me Le Tracteur {see day 527} and the Arles Photography Exhibition {see day 534} and wherever i landed they also raved about a particular restaurant.....Le Bistrot du Paradou. 

having read numerous reviews about Le Bistrot du Paradou, the comment that stood out for me was: 'this is Terence Conran's favourite restaurant in Provence'. generally, i am in agreement with Sir Terrance's appreciation of pared down simplicity, good craftmanship, individuality, family feasts and tasty, seasonal food (this is my interpretation of his beliefs based on all the interviews that I've read over the years, rather than a direct quote from Sir Terrance himself). somewhere along the line, I also read about a courtyard at the restaurant. So, I was expecting a pared down, simpler version of Le you see the emerging theme? i'm picturing sitting outside, under some trees, simple rustic tables, enjoying the set menu created by a passionate chef using seasonal produce........ 

again the French surprised me with how slick they actually was far more polished than i expected......and no courtyard (not sure what I was reading) so once again, i had to re-adjust my expectation of sitting outside under some trees to sitting inside surrounded by rough stone and bustle......having done this, i really loved the place. the bistro is in the village of Paradou which is extremely pretty with avenues of plane trees and the obligatory macaroon-assortment of coloured shutters.

the bistro itself, is local yet destinational, slick yet homegrown and altogether worth visiting for the amazing food. we had the above set menu which i mistakenly thought finished with that cheese tray....(alas there was still creme caramel to come....should have been a bit more civilised about the cheese)....

i've always enjoyed the French attitude of bringing the cheese board to the help yourself to as much as you's an adult expects you to be civilised.....

this restaurant may of may not be Sir Terrance's favourite but i can understand why he would like its' no nonsense attitude and robust, good food.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

aug, 20th - provence: st remy....

day 551:

Sant-Rémy-de-Provence.....beautiful buildings and plenty of fountains for Limi.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

aug, 17th - provence: swan rides....

day 549:

carousel rides seem to be a way of life in France.....i'm so in love with this idea....instead of swings, French children grow up riding on unicorns and tigers (okay, i realise that they also have swings...but you know what i mean)

i love the faded colours, the theatrically strung lights, the worn handle bars.......and the gleeful faces of kids as they come in and out of focus.

this was Limi's first ride (found in Arles)....a time, the high-stepping lion or horse.... 

one day i'd like a garden big enough for a carousel.
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