Saturday, 3 December 2011

dec, 3rd - book advent....

day 640:

i can't remember where i discovered this idea last year (so if it's yours....thank you and leave me a note so that i can give due credit). it's brilliant and has stayed with me throughout the year, just itching for Christmas to come along. it's a book advent calendar.

i was able to cheat a little as we will be away for nine days between now and the twenty-fouth but the idea is that Limi gets to open a book every evening for us to read to her. we never debate about adding to her book collection.....on the other hand, the blow up Dinosaur.....that would have needed its own room in the Shoebox, had to stay in the shop

i used paper that we already had in the cupboard and we've re-used a couple of her existing books so it's not crazily expensive....anyway, it's all about practising ripping paper and counting down to Christmas Eve. there's also a special book to start a new tradition on the twenty-fourth (although it's currently caught up in Amazon's Christmas post).

so far, it's been a big success with the Limster. so bring on the festive season.

p.s. i also got to use my new Bodie and Fou Japanese MT masking tape. think that i might  be cultivating a tape obsession.


  1. gorgeous dee- i might steal that idea for next year- we have the lego advent calendar again this year, and our house is almost at lego-capacity! xox

  2. What a perfect idea ... childhood books are what memories are made of, I still can't part with all the books my kids had (although they are now 20 and 17) maybe one day I can read them to my Grandchildren !!


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