Wednesday, 30 November 2011

nov, 30th - pouring, old man is snoring....

 day 637: 

those are the only words that Limi sings of this song....

tough week so far.....i'm brimming with ideas for Christmas, for photos, for fun and instead i seem stuck in the mundane....or the dark (not great for pics) or the rain.....

anyway, at least there's someone who enjoys the rainy weather we've been having.

tomorrow night i'm off to see Sleeping Beauty at the Royal Opera that's a way to escape the mundane. i can't wait.


  1. hi there i stumbled upon your blog and i think your photos are great, i study photography and was just wondering what camera it is that you use? and do you use any lighting, or is it all natural lighting?

    thanks. abi

  2. Beautiful shots Dee ....
    Enjoy Sleeping Beauty X

  3. love love love this set of pictures!


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