Monday, 10 December 2012

dec, 10th - visiting the horses....

day 1030 / 129:

so, there's been plenty of talk of pets in our household recently. i'm voting for a horse, especially the roan (?), below.....Limi is voting for four red cats and four yellow cats {see day 962 / 61} and A. is voting for a potplant. 

we have always had horses in our lives and my sister's family is still heavily involved with them. although i'm crazy about horses, let's be realistic, there is just no room in the Shoebox for a horse or eight cats for that, it's always great when we're with my sister, to be able to wander the stables, take in that special hay-horse smell and stroke some gorgeous animals.....

this was Claya's first encounter and she seemed did the horse.


  1. that first picture is just amazing!! x

  2. Gorgeous! I have such a soft spot for horses...

  3. That looks like bliss deedil. Enjoy x

  4. i'm with A even though we just rescued a street dog. happy holidays

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