Tuesday, 11 December 2012

dec, 11th - conversations with a two year old....

day 1031 / 130:

Limi having a chat with A. on Skype this evening......

Limi: ' dada, if the horses have their ears flat then they're in a bad mood and you mustn't stroke them but if they have their ears forward then you can pat them'
A.: 'there looked like there were lots of happy horses?'
Limi: 'well, there were lots of horses with flat ears and we just gave them some space until they could get into a better mood'


  1. Haha! Adorable!

    xo Jennifer


  2. I love Limi, she is going to so love looking back on these conversations when she is older !!!
    Beautiful horse photos, we love horses here too,
    Enjoy your Christmas break Dee X


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