Thursday, 22 August 2013

aug, 22nd - kempton park racecourse.....

day 1287 / 388:

we haven't made it back to Sunbury Antiques Market lately {see day 1223 / 322}(although, we really should be capitalising on the fact that we're up at five am anyway so, could could easily catch the early morning treasures) ....but i never did get a chance to share the pics from our last, here they are.

this market really is a gem. it's held every second and fourth Tuesday of the month and I could easily visit each and every time. it's a friendly, unpretentious place full of genuine treasures. 

there is a broad range of things to linger over from stalls inside selling trinkets, glass, clothes and silver, to a large space outside with rows of vans that have poured their contents onto the tarmac. i'm told that many of the stall owners travel across from Europe for the day which doesn't surprise me given how interesting and diverse the stock is.

it's worth taking the time to chat to the stall owners as they generally know their stuff and can usually be persuaded to give you a better price. although, i Strongly advise you to take your own flask of coffee and snacks....the only food option attracts a long queue and the coffee certainly doesn't have enough kick to take the edge off the early start.


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