Tuesday, 27 August 2013

aug, 27th - licky chops....

day 1294 / 393:

we revisited quite a few of our old favourites over the weekend. after Mudchute Farm {see day 1290 / 391} a group of us descended onto Licky Chops a pop-up, Summer restaurant in the Climpson's Arch.

i spent my birthday here this year {see day 1228 /327}

the food was just as fantastic as the last time. i struggle to describe how much flavour is cooked into the simplest dishes here. the menu paid homage to Notting Hill Carnival and we had incredible jerk pork, beer-can chicken, salt cod curry and in fact one of the most delicious dishes was the rice with beans and peas......it was packed with warmth and reminded me of home (South Africa).

i could honestly come here again and again and again. the simple, yet interesting food and decor in a very industrial setting....and the bonus being that it's pretty kid friendly.

you can read more about Climpson's Arch and Licky Chops here and here.

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