Saturday, 9 November 2013

nov, 9th - broken doll....

day 1368 / 467:

Halloween is long gone and I'm still playing catch-up.....

after a disastrous first year trying to make Limi's costume from scratch.....i now stick to customising. this year, we chose a 'broken/ forgotten doll'.....i used what we had in house and tried to make her look like she was stitched up with stuffing coming out. she was game for the whole outfit except the messy hair and couldn't understand why there were leaves and twigs in the wig......

Claya was meant to be stripy with a pumpkin head but as expected....she was just stripy!


  1. Nossa, foi a fantasia mais lida que já vi!
    Amei demais!!
    Blog Antonella e sua Boneca

  2. Love that idea, looks fantastic.

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