Monday, 4 November 2013

nov, 4th - halloween pumpkins....

day 1363 / 462:

i will still finish off our adventures in Portugal on the blog but just wanted to drop some Halloween posts in between. we had such a great time this year....Halloween is fast becoming my new favourite celebration.....

Limi helped me with the pumpkins again this year. she scooped out the pumpkin flesh (well, i did most of the hard labour and she did the easy scooping) and then i asked whether she wanted to draw the faces be honest, i had a moment of thinking that the faces would be a disaster and did i Really want her to do the drawing but i had to completely 'eat my thoughts' or, whatever the equivalent is to 'eating your words' her faces were better than anything that i would have thought up and she loved being part of the process. it was such a good lesson for me.

i found that the easiest way to do it, was to lie the pumpkins on their sides and let her draw on them with a thinnish black marker pen......the first set of eyes were a little too close for carving so we rubbed them out with a wet wipe and she drew them the second pumpkin she had it down pat.

i absolutely loved the end results, especially the off centre growl on the second pumpkin.

Limi (and Claya when she's able to) will definitely be our pumpkin face creators from now on.......and i'll happily stick to the menial tasks of carving and heavy duty scooping......

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Kids are such good teachers, aren't they, I'm always learning something new about the world & myself from my two rascals! Love them!


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