Saturday, 17 April 2010

apr, 17th - 10 weeks in...

day 69:

When we announced the pregnancy...friends, who has already taken the kid-leap, seemed to relish telling us that our lives would never be the same again....they'd gleefully say:

- no more weekend lie-ins reading the paper!
- no movies at the cinema for at least 3 years!
- no dry-cleanable clothes for at least 5 years!
- no long summer evenings having a few drinks with friends!

Basically a whole lot of no, no, no's.

So yes...things are very different but we still manage to do some of those things...and a definite plus is that Limi gets us up in time to enjoy the WHOLE day!

- trips to the cinema are still okay (we just need to be more prepared with baby-sitters)

- weekend paper reading still happens....

.....and even the lie-in

- the dry-cleaning bill has gone up!

- but social evenings with friends definitely still happen....just with a break, for a group lullaby-sing-a-long, at Limi's bedtime.

now of course, those same friends who are ahead of us in child-rearing are delighting in saying:

'You think THIS is hard.... just wait till she starts teething/ crawling/ eating solids/ dating boys...'

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