Wednesday, 7 April 2010

apr, 7th - baby altars....

day 59:

Before we had Limi, a friend....who has not yet jumped into the chasm of parenting...I use chasm deliberately as it does sometimes feel like the definition, which is:

- an abyss (that's the sleep deprivation part)
- a definite break in continuity (of spontaneous travelling, dinners, weekends away...well spontaneity in general :)
- a wide difference in interests, feelings (yes, there's only so many times you can 'talk babies' if you don't have your own)

So...the friend said to me: D, I hope that you're not going to buy one of those baby altar prams. Everywhere I look, parents are worshipping their babies in these pedestal prams. This trend is very unhealthy.

Hmmm, well now that I know pram models in the same way that a mad Top Gear fan knows their Italian supercars...

I said: I think that you're referring to the Cosatto Cabi. We've gone more mainstream and opted for the Bugaboo...which yes, is a brand statement and yes, the colour combination did matter. (Grey and desert sand...if you're interested!)

Friend: Okay, so we've lost you there. But please tell me that you're not going to dress your kid in wacky mini-me outfits. If shorts and t-shirts were good enough for us....why are parents today dressing their kids up in mini Chanel dresses, Converse trainers and Paul-Smith-inspired suits?

D: Well....child-branding is not our style, but if you spent spare hours in your childhood dressing up and being dressed up by your sister in tutu's, leg warmers, feathered headdresses and all your mum's costume jewellery from the 60's...then there's a fair chance that you're going to enjoy dressing up your new, compliant doll..I mean baby.

So Huey, this one's for you! Limi dressed up in her does remind me of Bjork....circa Oscars 2001.


  1. You're both as mad as a spanners. Thanks for the giggle!


  2. Oh no. The Bugaboo IS the rolling baby altar. I was on the receiving end of the Huesta's rant about them some time ago whilst traipsing through nappy valley (aka. Chiswick High Street).

    The shame!

    P.S. Love the swan outfit. Koala Bear next, please

  3. It comes with the territory - Chiswick is the spiritual home of the bugaboo

  4. Haha that first photo is hilariously cute!! Love it!


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