Monday, 26 April 2010

apr, 26th - look away now....

day 78:

this is the post that i vowed i wouldn't write...the one that's just way too much information. so if you're related to me, married to me, a guy, a child above the age of 4 months, were born in a month with the letter A in it, have blue eyes, have green eyes, have brown eyes,  are a girl still contemplating children or don't have a child under 4 months...then please look away now....

but well, if i'm writing about my everyday adventures...then this was how i spent it...limi still seems to have the mild eye infection (see day 30)....i used the ointment prescribed by the doctor but it doesn't appear to to have made any difference...her eyes are not any worse and only slightly better. the whites are white, they don't seem irritated, just 'gunky' at times and teary. so, given my limited knowledge of eye infections and lack of a medical degree, i would have expected this to either get better with the ointment or worse if the treatment wasn't working. so while waiting to get a new doctor's appointment, I decided to do some research (using google of course). my lay-man's diagnosis is that she seems to either have an eye infection or blocked tear ducts.

blocked tear ducts are very common in babies (1 in 3). it's where the draining ducts that run from the inner corner of both eyes down the side of the nose are underdeveloped and usually resolves itself within 12 months without issue.

so, in doing my research...i also came across various treatments...gentle massage of the area being one and another, recommended for both an eye infection and blocked tear ducts (pretty convenient then), is breast milk...yes breast milk (which will, for the remainder of this post be referred to as BM).

it's the antibodies in BM....the same antibodies that babies absorb internally, when applied topically, is a natural and effective remedy for things like skin irritations and eye issues. so there i was trying to consider how to apply this 'treatment'. option A: i could either sterilise a container, find a dropper, sterilise that and try to get the drops into limi's eyes or option B: i could go the direct route....(i did warn you about the content of this post). so, if you had come up to my window today and opened the shutters, you would have seen me trying to aim BM in limi's eyes which generally landed anywhere but her eyes (we're talking the cupboard door, the floor, all over her face). at the same time, limi decided that this must be some kind of new hunt-the-food activity so there she was, mouth like a baby-bird, twisting frantically to try and catch the food...thereby making the target even harder for me. anyway, needless to say that we ended up with 'treatment' everywhere, a very confused and wet looking limi and me laughing at how my life has changed in 2.5 months....i may go down the more serene option A. next time.

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