Thursday, 23 February 2012

feb, 23rd - pancakes and duck tonight....

day 747:

Limi and i have headed to Hong Kong for two weeks to visit my sister.....hence the quietness around here. i've been recovering from a solo flight with a two year old....not because Limi was a nightmare, in fact she was a dream, she fell alseep on take off and woke up two hours before landing but i didn't sleep one tiny bit? does anyone else find their child being surrounded by 300 strangers keeps them from sleep? plus she has a tendency to fling herself around and i have to be on alert to play catch-the-Limi before she flings herself right off the seats.

i love Hong Kong and i find it unbelievably inspiring and photogenic so hopefully i'll have plenty to share.

in the meantime here is my new favourite home (via Many at 16House).......


  1. Have a wonderful trip with your little darling!
    The exhibition will be on when you get back x.

  2. Have a wonderful time!
    PS. Limi's wardrobe never ceases to amaze gorgeous! :)

  3. Wow Hong Kong! Hope you have an amazing time! I really feel like some duck pancakes yum!


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