Tuesday, 7 February 2012

feb, 7th - conversations with a 2 year old....

[Limi getting creative with my eyeliner in the morning]

day 731:

me: "Limi, you're going to be a girl-pirate for your Monkey Music dress-up"
Limi: "i want to be a parrot"
me: "hmmm....well you could be a girl-pirate with a parrot on your shoulder"
Limi: "i want to be a parrot with a pirate on my shoulder"

unfortunately, my skills don't extend to parrot costumes..........
pics of the pirate (no parrot) to come.


  1. oh. my. golly. gosh. TOOOOOO cute!

    I adore her...and her parrot/pirate-ness.

    Hope you're enjoying your white London x

  2. ahhh, that's so cute, i can't wait to see the pirate on her parrot-shoulder...
    did you have a great birthday, limi?

  3. I remember dressing my little girls as pirates. Sooooo cute!!


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