Friday, 24 February 2012

feb, 24th - hummingbird....

day 748:

on the first day in Hong Kong, my sister took me off to an cupcake icing lesson......i loved it....i'm going to be growing seedlings next and longing for a veg patch.....but hey, i'm not fighting's surprisingly soothing and satisfying making buttercream flowers....and reminds me of my gran who was a fantastic wedding cake decorator.

i still need to work on my actual cupcakes though, especially when Limi will be comparing them to Hummingbird Bakery and their incredible red velvet cupcakes. prepared for plenty of deliveries of my attempts as i try and hone my skills.....


  1. I love their cupcakes--they are so amazing! And I have their cookbook but somehow mine never taste as good as theirs.

  2. My daughter loves Red velvet cupcakes too


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