Sunday, 27 May 2012

may, 27th - kings county distillery....

day 840:

the week before i came down with this virus that had me curled-up-in-a-ball-too-sick-to-even-read-or-surf-the-web (a first), A. was in Chicago, for work and Brooklyn, New York, for play. i told him about The Makers project by Jennifer Causey. Jennifer seeks out small artisans in (mainly) Brooklyn and photographs them in their work spaces. a very inspiring blog.

he didn't manage to make it to any of the studios or shops but he did find this bottle of bourbon by Kings County Distillery

i love the simplicity of the packaging and he says the bourbon is very drinkable. there were many times this past week where i was tempted to take a large swig to try and find some relief from the razor blades in my throat and chest. not being big on taking any medication while i'm pregnant, it was a case of riding it out. 

happy to say that i'm at last on the mend. thank you for the kind comments and emails. 

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  1. I've seen these bottles and loved them too .... lucky you having one !!!


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