Tuesday, 29 May 2012

may, 29th - f&m....

day 842:

these are the beautiful Jubilee windows at Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly. known as the Queen's deli Fortnum's always feels like a decadent and very British place to visit. the afternoon tea room was recently renamed the Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon and i can't wait to try it. 

but the thing that has always appealed to me, besides the perfect shade of eau de nil used in their packaging, are the gorgeous hampers that Fortnum's offer. i haven't tried one yet but they just look picnic perfect. maybe this Summer....



  1. there is nothing better than a hamper in my honest opinion! hope you get to indulge in one soon!

  2. These pictures are full of personality! Just found your blog via TBB, love it! New follower!


  3. One year ago, I had tea with a friend at F&M (we were in London for the week-end), a wonderful experience and we had a look at those hampers. Didn't bring one back and I do regret it.


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