Tuesday, 19 February 2013

feb, 19th - light show....

day 1099 / 198:

i should be posting about Limi's birthday party but I'm a bit all-partied-out right now.....so thought I'd just slip in a post about a fantastic exhibition that I went to last week at the Hayward Gallery on the Southbank.

it's called the Light Show and looks at how artists have experimented with 'the visual and sensory effects of artificial light' since the 1960s. since i've been lusting after a bespoke neon sign for years now and have always loved Tracey Emin's neon messages {see day 554} this is my kind of exhibition.

the exhibition guide says the following:

"Light Show explores how we experience and psychologically respond to illumination and colour, and also encompasses more conceptual and political concerns. Almost all of the 25 works use artificial light to conjure a sense of sculptural space that directly calls into play our individual perceptual responses. Some require our patience and attentiveness before they fully reveal themselves. The exhibition invites us to wonder at, contemplate, investigate and, in some cases, to interact with, illuminated environments and sculptures. In doing so, it asks us to reconsider our relationship to our surrounds and how we see the world."

it's a show that really stretches the sense of sight.....

we have tickets to take Limi along in a couple of weeks time.....i think that she's going to love it.

p.s. there is a no photography policy inside the exhibition.....otherwise this post would have been pages and pages long.

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