Saturday, 2 February 2013

feb, 2nd - weekend....

day 1082 / 181:

sorry about the sporadic posting lately, it's taken me awhile to get into the swing of this year....hopefully there'll be a bit more activity around here from now on.

last weekend we redid what is becoming a favourite way to spend a Sunday {see day 1009 / 108}......a (very muddy) walk along the river followed by lunch at The Olde Bell {see day 1010 /109} in Hurley. the girls had an absolute ball stomping through the sloshy mud which has to be an integral part of growing up in England....


after climbing over locked gates (including buggies and my mum) and wading down lanes, we happily settled in for another fantastic lunch at The Olde Bell. looking forward to many more Sundays spent in this beautiful spot.....



  1. You are the best ... playing in the mud (if only more kids did it !!!)
    and Claya and those eyes, she is amazing !!!

  2. Hi, Been visiting your blog for a long time without leaving a comment!
    Need to do it now, to say thank you for sharing you and your lovely kids! Its always very inspiring.

    Please keep up sharing, and I will be better at leaving comments! Wish you a great afternoon!

  3. Hi I recently started following your blog and love it...the photos are so full of intensity and life! Thank you for sharing .


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