Tuesday, 5 February 2013

feb, 5th - beach house.....

day 1085 / 184:

Limi's beach house....which is about as big as the Shoebox but with a much better view. i love this playhouse. it was part of the h&m UNICEF range {see day 989 / 88} and Limi opened it on Christmas day......after that, we were all coerced to spend ages in the house even though it felt a bit more like a sauna in the summer heat.

we haven't used it as much since we got home as it starts to feel a bit like a Russian doll house when we put it together in the Shoebox.....


  1. Great idea! Looks amazing, but maybe that's also the setting?

  2. Oh I'd happily move into this beach house! Your pictures are stunning!

    Sophie xo


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