Monday, 1 July 2013

jul, 1st - climpsons arch....

day 1228 / 327:

it was my birthday last month and as part of the celebrations, we revisited Climpsons Arch with some friends. Dave Pynt, the chef who created the pop-up restaurant, Burnt Enz, in this railway arch venue last year {see day 936 / 35} is currently exploring other exciting ventures. so this year, the BBQ is by Lucky Chip 'Licky Chop'.

this still has to be one of my favourite Summer restaurants in London. the food this year is just as outstanding: they do things with coleslaw, broccoli and courgette that is just mindbogglingly delicious and almost makes you forget the main events of sticky ribs, meltingly tender steaks and crispy chicken. 

we sat outside on a late Summer's evening at a simple metal table, drinking champagne from plastic cups and hearing the odd train rattle past. half of our group went to queue at the open BBQ kitchen and watch our food get cooked by the light of an Anglepoise lamp while the rest of us chatted under loosely strung fairground lights. when the food came, we happily passed around the rough wooden boards and raised our voices over the increasing buzz of the tables around us.

for dessert, we ordered salted caramel cones that came with flakes. they were 'man-sized' cones but the ice-cream was far to delicious to contemplate being reasonable about it....and they all disappeared one after the other.

there are many amazing restaurants in London and my friends would have happily joined me at any chosen venue but I couldn't think of anywhere that I would rather be than sitting on a steel bench under a darkening blue sky enjoying simple yet delicious food surrounded by happy, Summery people.

as I said last year, this is my kind of heaven......and my kind of birthday.

p.s. there are many more pics from our visit last year

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