Friday, 19 July 2013

jul,19th - the pavilion....

day 1246 / 345:

i met up with some friends at the Pavilion Café in Victoria Park on's a spot that i've been longing to try as it's known for it's great produce that makes excellent all day breakfasts and lunch salads. London turned on the most beautiful day and so we happily say outside under striped monochromatic umbrellas, watching people pedalo around the lake and listening to some relaxed, live music.....

after some crunchy and delicious salads, we resisted the cakes and the homemade ice-cream and instead just opted for one of their excellent coffees.i would drag the whole family back here is a heartbeat......

and....what a wonderful way to start the weekend.


  1. What a fantastic place to spend a summer afternoon.

    1. East London has All the best places :) our friends are constantly trying to get us to move East.


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