Tuesday, 9 July 2013

jul, 9th - ....

day 1236 / 335:

these were flowers left over from my birthday last month. i was reluctant to throw them away and they just seemed to get more beautiful by the day. peonies are one of my all time favourite flowers and i love that they are only available for a very short period each year, in London.

i had considered writing a reflective piece to go with this images but to be honest, i'm just too.....

+ tired (from continuously jagged sleep)
+ jumbled (from a brain blurred by a gazillion things on my todo list)
+ faded (from a couple of very hot days)

so instead, here you have 'my wilted birthday blooms'......an imaginary poem by dee

p.s. i do love and appreciate your comments. i know that i haven't been great at replying to them in the past but if you were to leave one for me again.....i vow to get better ;)


  1. Hi D, I have been following for a few years, I'm just a lazy follower and rarely comment, but know that I love your images & your Instagram feed, I always look at them while having my brekky and your posts always bring a smile to my face, you show London in such a unique way and you have a really gorgeous family. Happy birthday for the other day, from you Instafeed, it looked like you had a really special day. Hugs from Sydney, Australia

  2. hey engracia, thanks for the birthday wishes, it really was a fantastic day. i hear you, i'm also not great on leaving comments on the blogs i read......i've vowed to get better this year! xx

  3. those photos are amazing, like paintings ...


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