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Sunday, 20 October 2013

oct, 20th - henley show......

day 1348 / 447:

a few weeks back we headed off to the Henley Agricultural Show.....having done it last year, it's becoming a bit of an annual thing.  this year there seemed even more for the girls to enjoy....Limi milked a (wooden) cow, ground some wheat, made a biscuit, played in a cubby made from hay bales, sat in the cockpit of an old aeroplane ....and went down a slide on a doormat........Claya was mostly happy walking around making the sound of every animal that she came across.....

i overheard one gumboot clad gentlemen suggesting that they go back to the car for some Champagne....if that's how the locals do it then we have much to learn......we'll be back next year with the ice bucket in the car, to pick up some more tips.....

here's Limi grinding her own wheat.........

Friday, 11 October 2013

oct, 11th - tourists in our own town....

day 1339 / 438:

we're planning on being tourists in our own town this weekend......we've had a flurry of visitors lately and been enjoying London with them so this weekend, we're inspired to do a bit more......

i hope that your weekend is lovely..... x

p.s. London in a bag from Muji

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

oct, 8th - park life.....

day 1336 / 435:

these pics are from a few weeks ago.....but it was such a beautiful day full of laughter, rolling down banks, birthday cake and tired, but such happy children by the end of it.....that i wanted to record it here on the blog......

 Limi's outfit: une belle époque playsuit and april showers top.

p.s. i know that i've been a bit slack on the blog lately but i do really love your comments.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

aug, 27th - licky chops....

day 1294 / 393:

we revisited quite a few of our old favourites over the weekend. after Mudchute Farm {see day 1290 / 391} a group of us descended onto Licky Chops a pop-up, Summer restaurant in the Climpson's Arch.

i spent my birthday here this year {see day 1228 /327}

the food was just as fantastic as the last time. i struggle to describe how much flavour is cooked into the simplest dishes here. the menu paid homage to Notting Hill Carnival and we had incredible jerk pork, beer-can chicken, salt cod curry and in fact one of the most delicious dishes was the rice with beans and was packed with warmth and reminded me of home (South Africa).

i could honestly come here again and again and again. the simple, yet interesting food and decor in a very industrial setting....and the bonus being that it's pretty kid friendly.

you can read more about Climpson's Arch and Licky Chops here and here.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

aug, 25th - mudchute farm....

day 1290 / 391:

we had a long weekend in the UK and wanted to do some fun things with the girls. Claya is obsessed with animals at the moment so we had thought about taking her here but some friends suggested that we try Mudchute Farm instead.

Mudchute, is a vast, open, urban farm space on the Isle of Dogs, with Canary Wharf in the background. it houses chickens, geese, sheep, llamas, donkeys, ponies, goats, pigs, ducks and even a horse riding stable. i did a bit of reading up on the farm and love where the name originated from: during the 1860s, Millwall Dock was constructed nearby and the excavation was dumped on what is now Mudchute, using a conveyor system. "The end of this system, where the rich Thames mud was deposited, was literally a mud chute, and the area of fertile, hilly land thus created became known as "The Mudchute". "

i loved the contrast of the farm setting with high finance towers in the background.

it was a great success with the girls. they loved every second....feeding animals....picking blackberries.....running through fields and splashing in muddy puddles. Claya was especially besotted by the sheep although as with every other animal, she insisted that the sheep either bark or roar.

it's another great find in London and worth venturing out to for some farmyard frolicking. you can find out more here.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

jun, 1st - serpentine....

day 1199 / 298:

we revisited this cafe in Hyde Park, over the weekend and even though we've visited it many times {see day 160, day 336 and  day 588}, this is the first time that we've sat outside. they serve hotdogs and hamburgers outside (although we opted to share one of their woodfired pizzas instead). we were catching up with an old friend who is only in town for the week and the park put on a fantastic display of ducks, rowboats, glorious sunshine and happy, shiny people. our friend used to live in London so he's used to all its finer points....but still, when London decides to pull out all the stops, she's one very beautiful city.

p.s. this cafe used to serve crumbly dry scones and be empty most days so it's great to see it still thriving under the Benugo group.

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