Saturday, 1 June 2013

jun, 1st - serpentine....

day 1199 / 298:

we revisited this cafe in Hyde Park, over the weekend and even though we've visited it many times {see day 160, day 336 and  day 588}, this is the first time that we've sat outside. they serve hotdogs and hamburgers outside (although we opted to share one of their woodfired pizzas instead). we were catching up with an old friend who is only in town for the week and the park put on a fantastic display of ducks, rowboats, glorious sunshine and happy, shiny people. our friend used to live in London so he's used to all its finer points....but still, when London decides to pull out all the stops, she's one very beautiful city.

p.s. this cafe used to serve crumbly dry scones and be empty most days so it's great to see it still thriving under the Benugo group.

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