Monday, 8 March 2010

mar, 8th - an apple a day....

day 30:

So, it seems that I've found the secret to getting a doctor's appointment on the same day. Usual scenario wake up feeling horrendous, call the doctor's surgery, only to be told that all the appointments for that day are full and you can either try again tomorrow, by calling in the morning, or get an appointment in two weeks time. Not very helpful unless you can predict your illnesses in advance (which is usually called bunking-off-work -to-attend-Wimbledon!) In the past, it was easier to get an reservation at The Fat Duck than to get a doctor's appointment to coincide with when you are actually ill.

Well, that was before I had a wailing child. Today, I called to try and get an appointment for Limi... before her first birthday. Predictably, the surly receptionist (nothing like feeling ill and having to deal with a bouncer-like-appointment-book-keeper) said that all appointments for that day were full and to try again tomorrow. On cue, Limi started wailing plaintively on my lap at which point the receptionist said: 'what's the complaint' and even though it seemed like a mild eye infection (although not something that you want to wait 2 weeks to have checked out), I had wised up to the game, and said: 'she seems to be in a lot of pain'. Well voila! I had an appointment at noon! I am thinking of recording her cry to use for all future least until she's 12!

On the eye issue, it is a mild infection common in newborns and we have some ointment to put on it for 3 days! You've got to love the warning on the prescription though....

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