Sunday, 16 January 2011

jan, 16th - back to school blues....

day 337:

aaah, the waves of emotion that i have had this past week....real bereavement (like a devastating break-up),  the feeling of amputation, a small thrill of getting some freedom back, serious claustrophobia at the thought of having to be somewhere each day, anticipation at a new adventure and pit of the stomach dread.

i am back to work tomorrow.......

and just to make it that extra bit harder Limi has amped up the sweetness factor this week....she is addicted to 'Ta'...passing everything to me and then wanting it back again, kissing all her ducks and fish goodnight at the end of bathtime...big smacking kisses and practising her spontaneous laughter. and, she is soooo close to taking her first steps....i have been trying to hothouse her all day today...just to catch the first glimpse.

i would welcome the terrible two tantrums or the teen 'i hate you', right now.....that would have me running for the door...instead i'm left with severe back to school blues.

wish me luck!

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