Monday, 31 January 2011

jan, 31st - pivotal moments.....

day 352:

there are some things that Limi and i do that i suddenly remember 'hey, i used to think that one day when i have a child, we will have fun doing this.'

i'm not talking about the big things like watching the full series of Creature Comforts.....i'm talking about the little having a mini person sit on my lap turning the pages in a book faster than i can read or building sand castles just so that they can destroy them with a single, determined jump. yesterday was another......we ran into the shops to grab a couple of things and Limi sat in the trolley while we scooted around the aisles. 

up until now she's either been too little, in her buggy or the shop has been worth hauling a trolley around for. but suddenly i saw her...all feet dangling...and remembered how i thought that this would be a pivotal change in my life....

a time when the trolley ledge would progress from a handbag holder into a toddler holder....definitely, a memory-snapshot-moment!

oh, and when you can't find a sock...sometimes you have to make do with a mitten.


  1. isn't it just amazing how fast they grow and how our lives change?

  2. That's so sweet and quite a milestone in a little life !!!

  3. HY!wow so nice baby pics its so good baby i like it.Thanks for share.handbag holder


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