Thursday, 20 January 2011

jan, 20th - musty books.....

day 341:

books....i love books (see day 215) and Limi loves books...she is slightly obsessed! hopefully she's inherited a love for the feel, the covers, turning pages and will also get a real feeling of loss when she comes to the end of a good novel.

anyway, we're always on the lookout for interesting books for Limi and Australia has wonderful second-hand book stores. during our trip, we visited the quaint town of Maleny (no pics unfortunately because it was pouring whole buckets of rain on our heads) but whilst dashing from one doorway to another...we took shelter in a musky, damp, second-hand book store (the best kind)

we were on the look-out for Australian classics and found this gem........

Kookaburra - a bird of many parts

it starts with:

Kookaburra was very proud, very dignified and very angry which is why he had decided to become a swan.
He had made this decision on the previous day. sitting high in the wattle, Kookaburra had been practising Laughter.
Kookaburra took the art of Laughing very seriously. He had been third in the class when he had gone to Laughing School. Kookaburra began with Friendly Laughter, a warm jolly sound he used for his friends. Then he passed on to Nasty Laughter, a favourite of his when Wild Duck ate too much and had a stomach ache. Kookaburra had received nine out of ten for Nastiness at Laughing School and he thought he had improved a great deal since then. No one had such a good Nasty Laugh as he did, thought Kookaburra.
Satisfied, he began Long Distance Laughter and was moving on to Sad Laughter, Green Cheese Laughter and Pickled Mouse Laughter.....

with that intro.....who could resist

and it has the most incredible imagery.

amazing book!

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