Monday, 17 January 2011

jan, 17th - those bumpy rungs.....

day 338:

so today i had to put on my big girl high heels, wipe the mini fingerprints off my jacket and climb back on the coping mechanism.....not think too hard about it all and to try and just enjoy the new adventure....

i tried...really hard but by the end of the day, i was desperately missing my life last-week-this-time....(not helped by coming home to an upset Limi) all the uninterrupted coffee breaks couldn't make up for the fun that i normally have in my day (sadly no-one asked me to crawl-chase them down the corridor)


tomorrow is another day. i will once again put on my big girl high heels, give Limi a giant squeeze and try and get a firmer grip on those rungs.

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