Sunday, 16 June 2013

jun, 16th - father's day....

day 1214 / 313:

i was trying to think of something that the girls could make for A. for Father's Day  (well mainly Limi as Claya is more of a destroyer than a creator at the moment). 

we already give each other the best gift of all on these days which is of course, a lie-in.....generally followed by breakfast in bed....but i was trying to think of something that he could keep. 

i came up with a portrait that Limi (and Claya) could do of A. every year....that we could assemble in a book. this is the the first one , signed by Limi (that squiggle next to the L is a 3)......i'm interested to see how these drawings will change over the years.

happy Father's Day all....a few days late.....but hey, i still got there in the same week/ month...result!

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