Sunday, 9 June 2013

jun, 9th - 23/52....

the 52 project: a portrait of the girls once a week, every week, in 2013

1207 / 306:

Limi: for this split second, i can almost see the teenager that she will grow into....this is her favourite place to be in The House.....perched on the windowsill in the kitchen.

Claya: these hands and feet are forever moving.....the jersey is a hand-me-down from Claya's godmother {see day 634} (i'm pretty thrilled that she's having a boy next and we're inheriting all these beautiful pieces)

p.s. you can click here to read more about the 52 project


  1. My son (now 14 and almost permanently attached to a set of headphones) does not quite understand why I take so many photos of him. One day when he has flown the nest I know i'll ponder the crease in his brow, the lines in his palms, the shape of the arch of his enormous foot. I'll wonder where time went and I'll treasure every inch of every angle of every perspective that I have of him. xx

  2. I'm getting those glimpses of the teenage years with Oats too... and they're filling me with blind terror! Bouncing off the walls and rulebooks with hair flicking insouciance that I admire and fear in equal measure :-)

  3. Beautiful. Beautiful. I thought the very same thing when I first glimpsed at the photo of Limi! How did that happen?! x


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