Tuesday, 4 June 2013

jun, 4th - best kids toys in the world, part II.....

day 1202 / 301:

when Limi was younger, i wrote about the world's best baby toys {see day 250}, this past weekend proved again, that sometimes, it's the simple things that are still the best. we bought Limi her own watering can and with the added outside tap, she was in toddler heaven. Claya, on the other hand, loved playing in the empty bbq box.......neither 'toy' lit up, made a noise or were brightly coloured but they were the best toys by far this weekend....and into the week (we may be living with a bbq box for a long time to come).

p.s these are close-ups as the garden is still very much work in progress.....and the grass rug is from Limi's old room and there to soften the concrete for a crawling Claya....we didn't have a garden in the Shoebox but Limi still had her own patch of grass to play on.


  1. My kid loves boxes too! Though he likes to make garages for his cars and trucks out of them! Cute photos!

    Belle la vie

  2. Ur lovely kid.and kid love in boxes and playing in empty box.best toys.Very Cut Boy.

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  4. This is really cute. It’s nice to see your kids enjoy doing other stuff aside from playing.

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