Saturday, 13 February 2010

feb, 13th - 1 week old....

day 7:

Today was a bit of a slow starter – it seems that Lim has decided that the night is the best time to be active and spent last night from 2-4am wide awake. Still – she eventually went to sleep and we managed to have a lie in until around 9am before she started to wake up.

Below is a pic that A. snapped this morning of Lim and I getting an early morning lie-in after all the excitement of the 2am-4am energy rush!

Being the first Saturday since we got home and, incidentally, Limi’s 1-week birthday, we had our first round of visitors today. Gaurav and Alexa came by and gave Lim a wonderful soft Giraffe that plays the sounds of the African night-time watering hole! It basically has a backing track of insects, birds and bullfrogs which gets combined with other sounds to make various “mood” settings... Play (with gentle drums), Calm (with the odd snuffling warthog), Relax (with a babbling brook-type noise mixed in) all with a timer so it can turn itself off after half an hour....we might be wrestling it from Lim when she moves into her own room.

Later on Drazen and Sangeeta, our friends that live around the corner, dropped by bringing a slab of brie and red wine. Soft cheese at last!

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