Monday, 8 February 2010

feb, 8th - Bay B!

day 2:

Anyway, how wrong was I on wanting a puppy instead. She is completely delicious to be around and has given us a very gentle introduction to parenthood. we spent two nights in the hospital - in ward Bay B!! :) I had been dreading the hospital stay but it was actually quite fun, like a weird nocturnal, winter camp...slow moving women everywhere and an orchestra of cries. At least at all times of night there were people awake and going about the business of caring for mewling infants!

I had a cubicle next to the window with a great view, especially when the snow started to fall.

There are four 'nursery' wards at C&W and in each ward there are 8 'cubicles', sectioned off by bright blue curtains. The occupants change throughout your stay but I was in for most of the time with:

Opposite me - A muslim mum and Joseph her baby boy. The dad was constantly annoying the midwives by not sticking to the visitors' curfews and then trying to bribe them with chocolates :)

Next to me - A french mum & her baby who stayed behind her blue curtain for most of the time. I think that she was gorging on sleep while she could because this was her second baby and she was facing juggling a toddler and new infant as soon as she got home. She did have an impressive snore that on one night I mistook to be coming from our bassinet. It had me worried for a second that we had produced a baby bear.

Diagonally opposite - Kristy and tiny Gus. A cool Aussie girl.

Nearest the door on the left - A gorgeous Congolese girl (and her baby that I never saw). She was wearing the shortest t-shirt/'nightie' with unbelievable legs that even made the support socks look sexy. Damn.

And finally....

Nearest the door on the right - an Arabic woman who didn't speak a stitch of English. Who arrived on the ward at 9pm and moaned in pain constantly until she fell asleep at 4am.

Think that I'm ready to go home!


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