Tuesday, 16 February 2010

feb, 16th - A+....

day 10:

Second midwife visit today. Limi has gained .5 kgs which takes her back to her birth weight of 3.3 kgs.

The midwife mistook me for an Aussie when she said: 'you Australian girls just get on with it!! You have excellent pain control.' A. was very proud of his county-women.

Anne came to visit with his South African tan (we felt like see through gecko's who have been inside all winter). We too, could have had such a tan if we hadn't been so badly organised and had Limi over the same time as their wedding! In fact the same day as their wedding! Seems a bit serendipitous that our birth text came through at exactly the moment that our 'telegram' was being read out. Gen leapt up and shouted 'It's a girl!' So Limi had a whole wedding party toasting her! Good start Limi!

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