Saturday, 6 February 2010

feb, 6th - just relax...are you kidding me!

day 0:
So skipping ahead...past some looooong early morning hours.....where A. managed to cat-nap on a mattress (that was more like a piece of cardboard) on the floor next to me....and the baby managed to swing around so that it was lying posterior (back to my back) 4am , I was mentioning that I would prefer a puppy and no longer wanted a baby......My reaction to the drip had them flummoxed and things were not progressing. By 11am, they said we should give it another 2 hours. By 1pm, the situation had become a bit more serious so they decided that the best option was an emergency caesar. The good news was that it was the same female OB from the previous day who would perform the operation (she had funky glasses which is important in ones doctor). So we moved me, moved our music, A. popped on his scrubs and 30 minutes later, the bump emerged to sounds of Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

As she emerged, they dropped the curtain and presented us with an impressively grumpy looking baby. She spent the first 20 minutes in the theatre wailing LOUDLY. with quite a few comments by the team of 'feisty one', 'good set of lungs', 'not ready to come out'. (All that wailing was pretty apt as she shares a birthday with Bob Marley...) But it took almost as long to find out that the boy, that we had convinced ourselves we were having, was in fact a girl. And I only found out after A. went and cut the cord and came back and whispered in my ear: 'we'll have to review those boy's name'. So much for everyone's predictions...

Wow, our own baby girl!


Birthday - 6th Feb 2010
Birth Time: 13:52 GMT
Weight at Birth - 3.3kgs
Length - 52cms

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