Wednesday, 17 April 2013

apr, 17th - the chat.....

day 1155 / 254:

Limi asked me the 'how do babies get inside your tummy, mama?' question today. i was so tempted to use some sort of stork option.....but instead,  i completely mixed up my biology and talked about eggs and pollen....oh dear. she didn't seem convinced.

i need time to prep for these difficult questions. any ideas on what she will ask me next?

in other news, my main lens broke and the above, is the result.....i love it.


  1. Ha ha, I imagine I would do the same combining a number of false stories to make one semi true one ;)

  2. Hi D,

    I have two kids, bigger than yours, and we have dealt with this question by explaining that the Daddy has to plant a special seed in the tummy of the Mummy which makes the egg turn into a baby that grows and grows and then comes out. This is pretty true biologically, and the kids get it too!

  3. Greta, I do exactly he same- mummy has the egg, daddy has the seed- it takes both to make a baby, then when daddy puts the seed in mummy's tummy (via a special cuddle- if more detail required- eek!) a baby grows. We keep to the truth as much as possible, though age appropriate. They seem happy with this story so far, no further Qs! The family planning association has some good info:
    Good luck Dee!


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