Tuesday, 9 April 2013

apr, 9th - 14/52....

"a portrait of the girls, once a week, every week in 2013"

day 1147 / 246:

Limi: she loves imaginative play....most evenings we have to make food for a collection of her soft toys friends, she rides her horse aeroplane/ car/ buggy to far-flung places like South Africa, Thailand, Australia and she still has her own thunderhooves in her tummy (although since she's been introduced to the concept of twins, there are now two thunderhoovesies in her tummy).

Claya: she has mastered sitting, rolling, growing teeth, blowing impressive raspberries, gecko impressions, a high-pitched squeal and even going from lying to sitting and back again.......but she's getting very frustrated that crawling is still evading her. it's more of a tummy squiggle at the moment although i think that proper crawling is not far away......

some 52 portraits that caught my eye last week - electronette and little buckles .... i always want to spend more time perusing the links at ché and fidel.....but the next week seems to steam around before i get a chance.

{you can read more about the 52 Project here.}


  1. What beautiful pictures again, Dee! Love how they have imaginary friends ...my LO has two babies (soft toys) she can't live without!

    Bless Claya...so many achievements and still so many frustrations! It amazes me how independent little beings our tiny babies are from birth itself...needing help but growing at their own will!

    Btw, I have nominated your lovely blog for Liebster Award. If you wish to participate, you can read more about it at www.bebenus.com/Liebster-award

    Ritz xo

  2. You pictures are the absolute best and the little stories that go with them...so special!! Well done for keeping it all up so well and keeping us all enthralled and enchanted with your lovely world x


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