Tuesday, 30 April 2013

apr, 30th - market day...

day 1168 / 267:

thanks for all the comments on the last post....Claya seems to be much better today and take a look, i'm even managing to get a consecutive post out......things are looking up.


as my sister and i strode the labyrinth streets of Rome last week, looking for a specific fabric shop, we stumbled across one of the many food markets. the whole piazza was alive with fresh produce, vocal sellers, vocal shoppers and even a band.

we gave Claya's feet a quick, refreshing wash under the square's communal tap (which she found a bit startling) and then bought a large bag of peas still in their pods and artichokes.....we didn't shop with a clear idea of what we were going to make but because the produce looked so fresh and enticing.....and hey, isn't that what Italian food is all about....shopping as much with your eyes as any other sense.

p.s. Limi stayed at home with my mum to spend some time with her nonno (we know that it should be nonna.....but even without any Italian direction, at an early age she decided to call my mum, Nonno and my dad, Tapa...her very own words for both of them.)


  1. Looks gorgeous! Any top Rome tips? Our daughter and her boyfriend are going to be there this weekend x


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