Saturday, 6 April 2013

apr, 6th - our weekends....

day 1144 / 243:

these are a couple of pics from our latest weekends.....

^^ on Easter Sunday, we had planned to join an Easter egg hunt amongst the flamingos on this roof garden in West London but Limi fell ill. i wrapped her in my scarf but she was still very pale and not really into finding any eggs (i have to admit racing a seven year old to an egg with a covetable sticker on it so that I could take the prize back to a very sick toddler sitting on her Dadda's lap). so anyway, after claiming our bag of popcorn, we cancelled lunch and took her home instead. ^^

^^ everyone seems to be full of the joys of Spring in Hyde Park. this grey-haired lady amazed us with her long boarding skills. ^^

^^ we also visited some of our favourite markets and favourite friends. ^^

i hope that your weekends have been just as fun lately. x


  1. I love your weekends ...
    and go you with racing that 7 year old, what a good mum !!!

  2. I love the pic of the flamingo – so beautiful!


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