Monday, 29 April 2013

apr, 29th - blog block....

day 1167 / 266:

has this year been a bit of a mixed bag so far for everyone or just for me?.......i suspect that it can't just be me because many of the blogs that i read seem to have been in a similar hasn't been all fact, there are many exciting things happening but i just can't seem to settle......(anyone else feeling this?)....i have posts left in draft that i'm not inspired to finish and page after page of photos that i can't muster the enthusiasm to edit....i have todo lists of the todo lists that i need to create....

so, even though the my these lists are crazily out of control.....i jumped at the chance to take the girls to Italy with my sister last week.....i always find it such a grounding place......full of simple things and time spent enjoying views, earth beneath the feet, sun on the skin and of course, family.

after a week, i've come back restored...(although Claya also came back with a bug that challenged my new zen with explosive nappies and impressive puking all weekend).....and i've also bought the simplicity home.....good food, family, hard work and nature....surely that has to be the recipe for settling the soul. let me know if you think there's more to it.


  1. With small children life is at times challenging. Keeping it simple always worked for me and I think time in Italy would revive me however I was feeling. I was made redundant from my job last year and haven't yet looked for work - being home, keeping house (my girls are at school), the garden, baking etc - our life is more in balance than ever. Of course compromises with money are part of it, but we manage and most importantly we're all happpy

  2. Oh dear - so we're both going through challenging holiday illness phases. Poor Claya baby - get better soon. Love from the spotty lot on the other side of the world. x

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  4. I totally understand! I have no va va voom for our blog right now, but I'll have to get it back soon as we're relaunching our website and it'll need to be kept up regularly. Sometimes the inspiration just isn't forthcoming though. So far this year for us has been about building a workshop for Nivaldo to make his furniture, a mini studio for me and lots of clearing. More house things, a few lovely trips and a lot of family time. Oh and we're building a house in Brasil!! x


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