Friday, 24 May 2013

may, 24th - wisdom of a three year old....

day 1191 / 290:

A. said that instead of 'conversations with a two year old' these days, these post should be called 'wisdom of a three year old' as Limi comes out with her own logic on the world every day......

some recent ones are:

'you can't put your shoes on the wrong feet as then they make your shoes walk funny'

'mama, i can't cross the road by myself now because i'm too small but when i'm twenty then i can maybe cross the road by myself' (twenty is the age that Limi is also going to go on holiday with just Claya and also when she'll do the big, twisty slide at the park)

'you can eat pea skin, strawberry skin, blueberry skin and cheese skin but you can't eat banana skin or egg skin'

'maybe when i'm twenty i'll like tomatoes'

'Spring is lovely because it gets warmer,
Summer is good because you don't have to wear warm clothes,
Autumn is when the air is fresh,
and Winter is good because you can build snowmans.'


  1. they are little wonders at this age, aren't they? mine is going on 3 and i often find myself with the biggest smile...just shaking my head wondering where it all comes're a good mama getting it all down. i can just imagine her laughing years from now as she reads it.

  2. I hope twenty is as fun of an age and she hopes it'll be!


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