Wednesday, 1 May 2013

may, 1st - the simple things in life....

day 1169 / 268:

we had some chores to do at a friend's house in Italy and they have a beautiful garden so we took the girls up to enjoy the fresh air. while Claya tried to escape the blanket and eat the dandelions....we taught Limi how to shell the fresh peas that we bought from the market in Rome {see day 1168 / 267}. i do remember doing it once or twice as a child and loving the process of breaking open the crunchy pod and dislodging each small pea......

she did brilliantly and managed to shell almost half the bag before her attention was distracted by the cat and the such an urban existence in London, i think that it's wonderful that she is starting to get a better idea of how our food grows and gets onto the plate (and that it's not just a delivery by a man in a van once a week)'s a good reminder for me, that i should take her to more of the amazing produce markets around the city and get her to help me pick out our fruit and veg.

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