Tuesday, 28 May 2013

may, 28th - style with substance.....

day 1195 / 294:

the joy of moving is that we have more space......in the Shoebox many of our treasures had been boxed and put away.....but now, we have the joy of digging them out and finding the right spot for them.....we are slowing getting there.....

i have also been trawling auction sites (ebay, you old friend) to find gems (storage mainly). things that just need a good sanding, lick of paint or repurposing......not only do we have a tiny budget for furnishing the new house but i also want to find things that we will happily take into a future.....i keep coming back to this book above and the idea of finding things that are stylish, yet have substance. i think that this means different things for different people but for me it's things that are: tactile; full of history; timeless and generally, i'm a sucker for handcrafted.

this week, i've painted a sweet old wardrobe to put in the girls room, convinced the local auction house to give away two old lampshades (perfect for stripping) and asked our genius (and very reasonable) electrician to change some of the plastic hanging lights to silk flex and metal ceiling roses (it makes such a difference). i also found this collection of vintage bobbins that were paid for with my coin purse and yet make me so very happy...the wood feels wonderful and they make great drumming sticks for Claya. 

now, just to find a battered, wooden table that can seat ten but still fit down the narrow Victorian stairs.....

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