Wednesday, 15 May 2013

may, 16th - london transport museum depot......

day 1183 / 282:

a few weekends ago, London Transport Museum had their annual, family, open weekend at their depot in West London.......the depot houses things that don't fit into the museum in central London.  we stumbled across this event by chance but i could see it becoming a definite favourite.

there were an array of vintage routemaster buses....showing how the years have shaped our transport.....i was especially taken with the bottle green and metal versions.....

there were old tube carriages of all shapes and sizes (that were a little harder to capture) incredibly intricate Lego, train scene, amazing signage.....and plenty of industrial, machinery to excite an upcycling, Pinterest board. there were also plenty of people which made negotiating a buggy and keeping track of a toddler particularly tricky. so, if you decide to with most events in London, go early.

possibly Limi's favourite part was getting to eat giant smarties when she normally only gets the mini version........followed by the Lego (although she, along with every other kid, didn't understand why she couldn't rearrange the pieces).

you can read more about the Depot and their open weekends, here.


  1. lovely images! Looks like you all had a grand time. xo

    1. thanks, we had such a good time.....

  2. Oh, this looks like a place that we'll have to visit the next time that we're in London. And I especially love that shot of the first green bus - I grew up in Reigate!

    And I'm not "Unknown" - whatever Google says... My name's Kat ;)

    1. Hi Kat!

      It's only open on certain weekends so take a look.


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