Sunday, 26 May 2013

may, 26th - 21/52....

'a portrait of the girls, once a week, every week in 2013'

day 1193 / 292:

Claya: she is turn-your-back-and-she's-across-the-room fast and also pulling herself up on all the furniture, trying to climb the stairs, climbing onto the coffee table and getting very frustrated that she can't get herself up onto the couch.....we are doing intensive 'this-is-how-you-climb-down-again' training (below, is a bonus pic of tiny feet that are now more and more, flat on the ground)

Limi: she has a cold so i invoked the tv-on-the-ipad treat. the girls still don't watch any tv (Limi only occasionally watches a film or some episodes on my ipad). sometimes, we wonder whether we are doing the right thing (who knows...maybe it will come back to bite us).....but we agree that it actually forces us to get creative when we play with the girls and Limi will play for hours by herself.

you can read more about the 52 project here. or check out other beautiful portraits across at Jodi's blog.

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