Tuesday, 17 May 2011

may, 17th - day in paris - part I....

day 464:

we met a great friend in Paris today for lunch......work is preventing us from going to her 40th celebration in Greece, in May {see our planning trip last year day 105 , day 107 etc}, so, we did the next best thing and met up in Paris........

this was our day...........

8am: we reach Paris {it did require a 3:15am start....yikes!} and off we head to their hotel. we get bumped to the front of the taxi queue for having a baby.....seriously.....in Paris.....never would have thought.

9am: rooftop views from their room. could you ever get tired of looking at this city?

10am: out strolling......past the Centre Pompidou......great quote (translated using A.'s schoolboy French): 'Art must discuss, must challenge, must protest.'

11am: make our way to the stock-your-dream-kitchen store, E. Dehillerin 

this shop makes you want to open up a patisserie.....immediately.

Paris Part II, tomorrow....lunch in the The Marais.


  1. ah, what a wonderful thing to do. all too often i forget how easy it is to spend a day in paris from london. e. dehillerin is one of my all time favourite shops. i think you've just inspired me to pay it another visit :)

  2. I love the Marais, we rented an apartment for a week on Rue des Rosiers, I need to go back !!!
    I love that kitchen store too.


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